About us

An organization committed towards building a healthy, adept, and self-reliant Indian community.

Wingify Foundation

Wingify Foundation led by Anil Chopra is the philanthropic arm of Wingify Software Private Limited, established in 2016 with a sincere intent and commitment to bring about a positive change in the Indian society. As a Corporate Social Responsibility, we aim to tirelessly support the marginalized social groups of our nation and contribute towards building a positive community through various initiatives and activities.


A program initiated to enhance and enrich the lives of the marginalized communities of India through education, empowerment, skill enhancement, and economic self-reliance.


A pilot project designed and developed to unconditionally support the Indian farmers and help increase their income by promoting their agriculture-based livelihood options.

Kisan Sanchar

An organization that provides the Indian farmers with authentic weather information, on a daily basis, that helps them take necessary agriculture-related actions.

Our Journey

Within a short span of our establishment, Wingify Foundation has evolved in scale, depth and its approach. Started as a mere grant-making organization to various NGOs across several Indian states, the Foundation has now initiated many programs, retaining agriculture and education as its key focus areas, helping marginalized social groups realise their true potential.


Wingify Foundation was established to fulfill the social responsibilities of Wingify Software Pvt. Ltd.


Wingify Foundation initiated Samarth, a program aimed to help the Indian farmers realize their real potential. The program enables farmers to leverage modern farming technologies and techniques to their advantage and increase their income.

The Foundation collaborated with Kisan Sanchar to provide the Indian farmers with authentic and actionable weather-related information to help them make informed farming decisions.


Unnati, a skill development and vocational training program was launched to help the lesser privileged communities learn new skills and become financially independent. Added many new vocational training courses to its project Unnati, enabling more and more individuals to enroll and enhance their skills.