Wingify Book Club

An Initiative to encourage discussion amongst students around good books. We give free copies of such books to those who need them but can't afford them.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela (South African President (1994-1999) and philanthropist)

Reading is a very good habit that one needs to develop in life. Good books can inform, enlighten, and lead you in the right direction. Books and resources impact everything from psychological wellbeing to academic performance, but students in need don’t have that advantage.

Good books are critical and access to those resources is one of the greatest contributors to educational equity in our country. Research shows that just the presence of good books improves educational outcomes and achievements in life. Providing good books is imparting a wealth of knowledge to those who are aspiring for it but are not able to afford it.

Recognizing this need, Wingify Foundation decided to launch the ‘Wingify Book Club’ project to provide new good and life changing books to inquisitive and aspiring minds from low-income communities at their doorsteps in India.

To summarize, Wingify Book Club is a community for Indian students run by Wingify Foundation. The goal is to get more students to read more books and learn from them, Foundation gives away free copies of aspirational, discovery, and lesson books to those who need them but have no source of income to be able to afford them.

The criteria students must fulfill are a) one should be an Indian student, b) they must share their notes and learnings from the last book they read, and c) should mention why are they interested in the book that we have announced to give away.

This all happens on Reddit -

How students can join the club:

  1. Students who want to participate in any giveaway only need to share notes or their learnings from the last book they read and why they would want to read the book we announced to give away.
  2. Now, about the part where students share notes or their learnings from the last book they read - it could be any book, it does not need to be the one we have given away in the past. So, if you want to join the community (subreddit) on Reddit for the first time and want to participate, you only have to share your learnings/notes from the last book you read and why you want to read the current book which is being given away.
  3. When winners are selected and they start reading the book, we create a separate post for all the winners to share their learnings with others, we announce the giveaway and the book name on Reddit, an online community platform that is free to join and ship the books to the addresses of the winning students.

Wingify Book Club is an ever-increasing community of currently 1900 students and completed 6 book giveaway cycles by donating 811 books to 570 students in 184 districts and 27 states of India. Wingify Book Club aims to help maximum students discover the joy of reading good books and have a life full of adventure ahead.